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About This Page
This page is dedicated to the collectable card game Spellfire. You will find just about anything you could want relating to this game on this site. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to email me


Making  some updates to this page. Trying to revamp my art of spellfire page right now it is unorganized but it is coming along I will post onto the spellfire list when the changes are complete


Go to this page to read interesting discussions and debates about cards and ruleings
Ogre's Answers

Here you will find rulings made by Ogre, this took way to much time so now I have just posted links to the latest rulings and resourse information the  Spellfire list archive has every ruling made by Ogre over the years and you can find most answers by doing a simple search
Card of the Month

under constuction
Downloadable Spellfire

Here you will find the official Spellfire rules 2.0, errata's, glossary, solitare rules, and even a spellfire decktop theme, referance guides, Links to Crossfire and one of my favorites

you can download a reduced version of the cards to place in your crossfire program to greatly increase your crossfire experience. I recently updated the 1st 100 4thed cards with better scaned mini cards
Archives and FanZines

here you will find old AOL logs forms the list as well as od issues of the Spellfirer and Spellfire News
I have placed links to other pages that have these logs.

Wytefang author of the Spellfirer has recently came forward again and offered to again publish a news letter keep an eye out for it.

Some major changes to this page some of the links are down so I am attaching the zip files to this page myself
Card & Deck Building Tools

Here you will find Links to Crossfire, Fonts and Logos for creating your own homemade cards.
Fan Cards and Sets

Here you will find The creations of other Spellfire fans and thier card ideas I have placed links to thier pages and in no way am I takeing credit for their hard work . I am also publishing some of my own attampts at makeing my own cards
Art of Spellfire

This is a pet project of mine I am trying to find all the orignal art work that our beloved cards came from so far I have found quite a bit but it is takeing alot of time to get it posted check here for updates many updates to this page check it out
.Links and Credits

Under construction
Haves and Wants

Under construction
This page was last updated on July 17, 2010